Result of hard work 👨‍💻

    Hangman game with tech-related question. Able to swich theme. Virtual keyboard available.

    Translator for text <-> morse with speech functionality. Optimized performance, PWA support, and a11y friendly.

    Pokedex app that cache data in server with Redis and make it persist in client with Redux.

    Tic tac toe game in SPA. Board drawed with SVG. Use react context that integrated with local storage. Able to switch theme and player.

    Another countdown app, use Aphrodite to give react native styling-vibe. Utilize context + reducer for state management.

    OSKM ITB 2018

    Display info about OSKM ITB 2018 and ITB related stuff. Thanks to graphic team for stunning design.

    ARC Training 2017

    Amateur Radio Club ITB 2017 recruitment training web that have many features. I do client side.


    College task for string matching algorithm (KMP, BM, Regex). Filter tweet that contain listed word/sentence.

...and other projects that not included here 🫡